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Planet First Energy is an energy management company with a conscience.

We want to transform the way companies procure and consume energy. We’re driving a move to clean, efficient, and secure energy – all while supporting community and environmental projects.

Planet First Energy is committed to:

• Helping businesses reduce the cost of energy
• Providing access to renewable energy sources
• Supporting the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy
• Helping fuel poor households to stay warm and comfortable

Working with us means you’ll also meet your corporate social responsibility needs: our social enterprise provides support for fuel poor households via our partners such as South Yorkshire Energy Centre.

We help businesses reduce energy consumption and related costs through four key services:

Energy Procurement and Management

We help you find a more cost-efficient energy purchasing scheme for your business. Read more »

Monitoring and Usage Reduction

Are there ways you can reduce consumption at each site? Read more »

Bill Validation

Do you know how much energy your business uses every year? Do you validate your bills? Read more »

Compliance, Advice, and Audits

Our clients achieve 100% compliance with energy obligations thanks to our audit and compliance advice service. Read more »

Whatever size your business, we’re here to help. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you manage your energy consumption, reduce costs, and give back to your community.