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Benefiting Our Clients

We ensure organisations buy energy better, reduce how much they use and stay compliant with legal and environmental objectives.

Wates Group

Wates Group is one of the leading privately owned construction, development and property services companies in the UK.

Wates chose to procure electricity and gas through Planet First Energy, to meet their requirement to buy better value energy, supported by exceptional customer service for both their team and clients.

Importantly, Planet First Energy is committed to partnering with Wates to achieve 100% renewable electricity supplies by 2025.

Wates Group benefit from:
  • Contract and refund savings of £1.1million
  • Successful completion of 145 projects
  • Secure 100% renewable energy contracts backed
    by full REGO certification
  • Supply of Solar PV for sites and projects
  • Development support of carbon strategy and
Project Focus: Renewable Energy Generation

Wates Construction partnered with Planet First Energy and Renewable Energy Co-Operative (R-ECO) to install renewable energy generation on site in Leeds.

This innovative project included installation of an 11kWp PV array on Wates welfare cabins at Wellington Place, engineered and delivered by the R-ECO team.

The system has a unique modular design so it can be re-configured as multiple smaller systems if required. Upon project completion, the PV array will be redeployed to one or more Wates sites in the region.

The objective of the project is to build up 100 kWp of PV assets in each region, enabling Wates to generate their own renewable energy on site, and reduce CO2 emissions.

Project benefits include:
  • Remote monitoring and management to individual panels to ensure maximum yield
  • Extensive sub-metering to identify areas of further energy reduction

Most importantly, the initiative is expected to save over £800,000 on energy costs, and reduce over 5,600 kg of CO2, during the project lifetime.

Luke Smith, Wates Group Sustainability Manager:

“We have increased the procurement of renewable energy by 70% since 2016. This partnership will support our goal to achieve 100% of our electricity supplies from REGO backed renewable sources by 2025”