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Customer Feedback

Improving our services

We are always keen to receive feedback from clients, suppliers or team members on our processes and experience with Planet First Energy.

This is vitally important to our business, as it helps us identify and improve our internal and external processes and procedures, and often leads to an improved experience when working with our team.

Please feel free to provide feedback to us, via our contact page.

Complaint handling procedure

Since our formation, Planet First Energy has been committed to continuous improvement in providing our services to our clients.

Our complaint handling procedure aims to deliver the following objectives:-

1. Make it easy for you to raise your concerns
2. Ensure all complaints are treated with courtesy and respect
3. Listen to your feedback
4. Consider how you’d like us to remedy your issues
5. Ensure you are satisfied with how your complaint was handled

How and where to make a complaint

Complaints can be made via any of the following methods:-

1. Website:-
2. Email:-
3. Post:- Customer feedback department, 4 Dronfield Court, Civic Centre, Dronfield, S18 1NQ
4. Telephone:- 01246 386700 ask for customer feedback department

Process and timescales

Stage Action Timescale
Client raises complaint Email acknowledging receipt Within 24 hours (working days)
Initial investigation Clarification of any additional info required and expected lead times Within 5 working days
Ongoing updates Updates on complaint progress and expected lead times Weekly
Final report and resolution Full response and proposed resolution Within 28 days, if otherwise then this will be advised
Internal escalation if resolution not satisfactory Complaint escalated to senior management and responded Within 5 working days of customer escalation
Energy Ombudsman Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme (ADR)* Advise client of the free ADR scheme facilitated by the Energy Ombudsman If resolution cannot be reached or within 8 weeks of complaint being raised.

All complaints are logged upon receipt with each action recorded; all responses can be made either in writing, email, telephone as requested by the customer.


The ADR scheme is a free and impartial service offered by the Energy Ombudsman for all microbusiness customers. Our membership number is C35PLAN01.

For more information on the ADR scheme, please see:

Post: Energy Ombudsman, P.O. Box 966, Warrington, WA4 9DF
Phone: 0330 440 1624

Proposed Resolution

Our resolution will be made in writing and may include (but not limited to) the following:-

  • Apology
  • Issue resolved with external party i.e. Energy Supplier
  • Issued resolved internally by Planet First Energy
  • Goodwill gesture
  • Compensation
  • Planet First Energy contract terminated
  • Planet First Energy contract fees credited or cancelled

Continuous improvement

Planet First Energy are committed to continuous improvement of our service to our clients and have the following procedures in place:-

  • All complaints are reviewed by the Senior Management Team at monthly board meetings
  • Improvement log – any improvements identified by the complaint process will be logged and any proposed improvements will be signed off at board level and implemented throughout the business
  • Client follow up within 3 months

Please feel free to provide feedback to us, via our contact page.