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Additional Services

In addition to our main service areas, we fully support your business to help you buy better, use less energy and become more environmentally sustainable.

Our additional services include:

- Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging: Planet First Energy specialists can guide your business though the exciting Electric Vehicle revolution. We can help with planning, strategy, installation, and most importantly, how Electric Vehicles fit int your overall energy plan.

- Historical Billing Audits: Our specialist bill validation team will analyse your historical electricity, gas and water bills, to identify savings that wouldn’t usually be found during a regular bill validation process. We will check the correct tariffs, rebates and subsidies are being applied to your bills.

- LED Lighting: Planet First Energy & its partners offer a wide range of industrial and commercial lighting solutions. We will work with you to find the perfect tailored choice for your business. By switching to LED you can benefit from reduced energy and maintenance costs, along with improving the quality of lighting / lux levels and extend luminaire life.

- Utility Connections: We provide a single point of contact for electricity, gas and water connections. Our fully managed service takes care of everything, from initial enquiry, to liaison with utility providers and meter operators. We successfully handle DNO’s and IDNO’s. Once connections are established, we can arrange the supporting supply, and meter operator contracts.

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