Putting communities and the Planet - First

Your organisation deserves a total energy strategy that helps you to buy better, use less energy and become more environmentally sustainable.

We developed Planet First Energy to help businesses meet their environmental targets, and support their communities, while saving money on energy.

We reinvest the profits gained through our social enterprise into renewable energy projects and charities.

We want to educate consumers about energy consumption and renewable energy sources, and enable fuel poor households to access cheaper domestic energy.

We want to transform the way companies procure and consume energy. We are driving a move to clean, efficient, and secure energy – all while supporting community and environmental projects.

Working with us means you will also meet your corporate social responsibility needs: our social enterprise provides support for fuel poor households via our work in local communities and through partners such as National Energy Action (the national fuel poverty charity)

Planet First Energy is committed to:

- Helping businesses reduce the cost of energy

- Providing access to renewable energy sources/p>

- Supporting the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy

- Helping fuel poor households to stay warm and comfortable