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Market Drivers – June

We understand the business energy market can be challenging.

Our specialists compile a Market Drivers report each month.

We have highlighted Bearish drivers, expected to contribute to the market lowering, and Bullish drivers, expected to contribute to the market going higher.

Bearish Drivers

  • Resuming of Nord Stream deliverability will sharply ease present bullish concerns around Russian supply.
  • Forecast for more supply from Norway and UKCS due to less maintenances.
  • Warmer than normal temperatures forecast in July and seasonally lower LDZ consumption.
  • Outlook for storage situation to improve further even if Nord Stream flows continue reduced.

Bullish Drivers

  • Strong bullish concerns around Nord Stream. The longer the issue lasts the more bullish impact it might have.
  • Planned Nord Stream shutdown.
  • Free Port outage limiting LNG export from the UK.

Outlook for lower LNG sendout next month.

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