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Wholesale Water Price Changes

On 1st April 2022, the new wholesale charges for water will change. The water regulator, Ofwat, will check these prices before they are agreed. The new rates, which could increase or decrease, will be published on the wholesaler’s websites in their “Scheme of Charges” document.

The wholesale charge makes up one part of your water bill and covers the cost of transporting the water to and from your property as well as the treatment of wastewater. The wholesale charge for water is a combination of fixed charges and the cost per cubic metre of water used.

Although there is no way of predicting whether prices will increase or decrease and by how much, England has generally seen a consistent rise of 3-4% whereas Scotland has held prices in recent years. Wholesalers can ask to increase prices by up to 5% but this must be approved by Ofwat first.

Your business can also tackle potential price increases by using less water. This can be achieved through monitoring your consumption and tackling excessive usage by implementing reduction strategies.

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